Sunday, October 24, 2021

First Photo-Poetry Reading


Pastor Lisanne Winslow of Mendota Heights United Church of Christ

 invited me to share my photo-poetry on Facebook Chapel 

and to a live audience on October 24, 2021

First photo aligned with these first two poems  


soft summer rain 

bathes any wounds 

earth’s essential oil 


quiet cloudy morn  

blankets energy and mood  

birds break the silence   



Second photo aligned with these two poems  


bright red cardinal's  

morning song soaks into my soul  

pierces my hard shell  


notes tie together    

a red ribbon wrapped around   

the gift of this day  


Third photo aligned with these three poems  


mother nature talks 

receive her message and 

hear her blessing 


observing nature   

high and low, near and far  

new eyes see poems  


love is all around  

from here to there, sky to earth  

shines on you 

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