Winter Floral Still Life, 2018

New Year's Still Life, 2018

Roses in November

Flowers & Fruit Still Life

Red, White, Blue

Time to Recognize Achievement


Orange Lilies in June

White Wildflowers in June

Urban Wildflowers

Painting with Light

Award Celebration

Coffee with Pearls (video)

Father's Day (video)

Sighs and Sadness

"Beauty the Brave"

Peonies Memorial Day Weekend

Walk Into The Picture #7 - Bridal Wreath

Walk Into The Picture #6 Cookies, Coffee and Comfort

Still Life For Cats

Walk Into The Picture #5

Walk Into The Picture #4

Walk Into the Picture #3

Walk Into The Picture #2

"Walk Into the Picture" #1

Loving Me Some Roses

Surprise on A Rainy Sunday

Images for Altered Esthetics group exhibitions

Spring Daffodils 2017

Summer Sunflowers 2015

Tulips 2015

Standish Avenue Peonies

Urban Flower Garden 2017

Spring Tulips 2017

Roses and Wine




Red Gold Still Life

2017 Photo Art Calendars

New Year Still Life