Saturday, March 31, 2018

#2 Tulips Series 2018

#2 Tulips Series 2018

#1 of Tulips series

#1 of Tulips Series 2018 
What does a good photographer (me) do when guests arrive with beautiful tulips wrapped in a ribbon? 

She invites the friend's daughter, Audrey to help her pick out a pretty vase, arrange the flowers (quickly) and finally to create a still life portrait of the flowers together on the iphone.

And so began a week long connection with these beautiful tulips as the flowers changed, aged and eventually dropped their petals. Bittersweet friendship that ended too soon.

Gifted Tulips Inspired a Video and 7 Days of Images

On the eve of Easter 2018 dear friends of ours arrived with a sweet bouquet of tulips.  Strangely, this year I had intentionally chosen not to buy tulips and simply bought a mixed assortment of flowers with gerber daisies and more.

Little did I know that those tulips and I were going to have a deep connection over the next seven days that resulted in some of my best images thus far in 2018 and creation of a short video:

"One Subject
Photographed Over Seven Days"

Photos to follow in chronological order.

Hands Are Full

  petrichor   heavy in the air   fills our hands