Books: PhotoPoetry Journal Vol. 1

"The Forest of One Tree" is a special hard-cover book sharing 38 fine art color and black and white photographs and 83 short-form Japanese poems, i.e., haiku, to creatively reveal the experience of living through COVID-19, family health challenges, political turmoil, and social injustices.

One poem at a time tells the true story of significant events through the eyes of a lifelong photographer turned poet.

From May 2020 to June 2021 Blomseth discovered what a healing therapy writing haiku poetry
could be in the years during and following the COVID-19 pandemic crisis while
both she and her husband experienced (other) serious health challenges. Those
years directed her poetic and photographic attention toward her urban garden,
city birds, and whimsical garden statuary, always ready to be her muse.
This book, "Forest of One Tree: PhotoPoetry Journal Vol. 1 - Lockdown 2020-2021," is the first of three "photo-poetry" books.

Contact for purchasing information.

Two more books will be published in the future:
"Blooming Radiance: Breast Cancer
Journey," and  
"In the Moment: Still Life Celebrations."

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