Prayers Answered

Celebrate Good Times

Lockdown Freezes All

Boards and Barriers

Faith, Love and Hope

Tears Frozen In Time

Prayers for Winter

Social Distancing

Give Me Greens, Whites, Blues

Fall Chokeberry Tree

Grocery Shelves Empty

Love Birds - We Flew Together

Hearing You, I Turn

Love Never Changes

Emotions Walled In

Zinnia: Sculpture in Motion

I Feared Their Hugs

All Lives Matter

Where is All the Yeast?

The Summer Reader

An Escape From Stress

May Mother's Sleep Tonight

Haiku, the Story

Body is Here, Mind is Elsewhere

Keeping Our Homes Safe

... til I found haiku

Butterfly Wings Slowly Move

Sheltering in Place

Forest of One Tree

My First Haiku May 29, 2020