Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sixth Day (of Radiation Therapy) - Sixth Month


sixth day … sixth month 

more mind and body changes 

stage of grief:  anger 



see me, hear me  

feeling …  confusion pain anger  

I am not a number 



high energy rays 

both kill and treat body's cells  

breast pink and pained 



told … could be much worse 

this is more than enough for me 

where is empathy? 



angry with med team 

clarity and caring needed  

stage of grief: anger 



The five stages of grief are: 






Not everyone will experience all five stages, and you may not go through them in this order. 

Grief is different for every person, so you may begin coping with loss in the bargaining stage and find yourself in anger or denial next. You may remain for months in one of the five stages but skip others entirely. 

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