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Greetings from fine art photography artist Wendy H. Blomseth. I appreciate your time and thank you for visiting my Florals Portfolio/Price Sheet page. Please read to the bottom of this page  for full details.

I am proud to share with you a small portfolio of some recent fine art canvas reproductions.  Limited edition reproductions are available by contacting wendy@wendyblomseth.com

Still Life: February 2014,  No. 6093, 24"x 18"  
Still Life: Renaissance Florals,  2015, No. 1061, 20"x16"  
Still Life: Serendipity, August 2015, No. 3930, 20"x16"  

Still Life: Fall Flowers, 2013, No. 5077, 18"x12"  $150.00 plus tax and shipping

Still Life: March Tulips  2015,  No. 0822, 20"x16"  $150.00 plus tax and shipping

Still Life: Spring Tulips, 2015, No. 0995, 16"x 20"   

Still Life: Wine Tasting, May 2015, No. 1432, 20"x16"  
Still Life: Urban Wildflowers,  July 2015, No. 2262, 16"x 20"   

Still Life: In The Roses,  2013, No. 5970,  16"x 20"  

Still Life: June Peony's  2015, No. 1946, 16" x 16"
Still Life, Bread, Wine, Cheese and Thou, 2016, No.  14" x 12"
Still Life: Homage to Matisse, March 2014, No. 6181,  14" x 14"
Still Life for Photographers, July 2014, No. 7351,  12" x 12"  SOLD OUT
Wendy explains:
Between 2011 - 2023, I created still life portraits envisioning them in their final form, as a limited edition, printed-on-demand,  fine art canvas reproduction to assure my clients and myself of the finest personal attention and quality.

The traditional gallery wraps features hand-stretched, top-quality canvas--not unlike those found in a typical art gallery.  I am happy to work with you on your selection and the best size for each image.

Contact me directly for purchase information:  wendy@wendyblomseth.com 

Thank you for visiting and spending a few moments with my still-life portraits.  As I always say to visitors, you may simply see flowers at first but, over time, I hope you feel so much more.

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