Sunday, February 23, 2014

See the Beauty As We Age

Since February 2011 my husband, Karl and I have hosted a monthly gathering called the Art Salon For Fertile Minds.  Essentially we have recreated the essence of art salons from the 1920s in Europe and later occurring in the US.  Until very recently, we were truly a discussion group.

At the suggestion of our member, Becky W. and the enthusiastic support of some of the other members we are now adding in a "show me" element.  We are adamant that we are not there to "critique and criticize" people's work.  We allow the show me element as another way to deepen relationships, get to know each other and have a greater appreciation for each artist's talents and artwork.

At the February 12, 2014 gathering we showed "art from the heart." Members brought poems, paintings, photography, collage and more.  I showed images that were true labors of love and important to me. 

Still Life: Valentine's Roses, February 2014  (available for purchase)

These roses were a delight to receive from my husband, Karl for Valentine's Day and later, to photograph.  For several days I moved them around the house to capture the sunrise light and sunset light and also to enjoy their aging process.  This still life on our library table was the final one and my favorite because the flowers had started to brown around the edges which give more texture and definition to their whiteness.

Isn't that a bit like real  life?  We change over time and hopefully develop a new beauty as we age and start to brown around the edges.

I hope you agree.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Variations 2014

It sounds like a musical performance but it's not.  Instead it is Valentine Variations of a lovely bouquet of white roses that I received for Valentine's Day.  It is a gift that I enjoy and photograph many different days in many different ways.

Hands Are Full

  petrichor   heavy in the air   fills our hands