Sunday, June 20, 2021

Celebrating A Rainy Summer Solstice with Poems


Celebrating A Rainy Summer Solstice with Poems

summer's longest day 

gardener's wettest day 

drenched to the bone 



gardener's attire 

muddy and wet 

summer solstice 



the gardener's clothes 

get wet and muddy in the 

early summer rain 



drizzle and downpour 

gardener changes thrice 

inner child's delight 



summer rain 

nourishes the garden 

fresh earthly fragrance 



newly planted buds 

stands undeterred by 

summer solstice storms 



old rubber boots split 

a cold rainy morning's 




summer solstice's 

cool evening breeze 

rain soaks into dirt 



revel in walking 

through a summer rainstorm 

splashing in puddles 

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