Friday, April 30, 2021

Homage to Friendship


deepest gratitude 

our long walks and longer talks 

homage to friendship 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Journey from Photography to Haiku Poetry


Copyright Wendy Blomseth 2021

Forest of One Tree
PhotoPoetry Journal Vol. 1 - 2020 Lockdown

From portrait photography to print on demand photo products to now combining the Japanese short form of poetry called "haiku." 

This image is from the first in a continuing book series, which includes photography and poetry = PhotoPoetry Journal, Volume 1 - 2020 Lockdown. 

Going forward I'll be displaying all the arts that are called to me.

Thank you for sharing this creative journey with me.

Wendy Blomseth

Afternoon Visit


afternoon visit
sunny garden safe haven
a birdsong chorale

Birds, Birdsongs and a Cat



red male songbirds 

protect their territories 

flirts with females 




songbirds loudly sing 

battle for a safe home 

serenade a mate 




bird sings in garden 

cat chatters in the window 

all safe, happy ending 



birdsongs fill the air 

drown out trains planes cars 

urban orchestra  

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Crocus, My Old Friend


crocus, my old friend 

it's reunion time again 

flowers herald hope 


A poem inspired during the Environment & Spirituality zoom call where we had virtual visits to a favorite garden and found a story to tell, and poem to write.

Hyacinth's Scent Stunned


hyacinth's scent stunned 

pink and purple petals waved 

bees buzzed 

Every Wednesday evening I participate in a Zoom Call with the Meetup group:  Environment & Spirituality.  

Each week has a specific theme and activity; all inspirational, calming, and a constant source of haiku poems for me.  

On 4/28 we again went on a virtual visit to a favorite garden and invited to a creative writing exercise.

Weston in a Box

home in a brown box
at least for a few minutes 
toy mouse on wood floor 

Blooming Radiance


blooming radiance 

with perfect imperfections 

 scars lovingly held  



calm, brave, as the arm  

protects the breast from harm 

soaks in the sun’s strength 



Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dream of Wiggling Toes


dream of wiggling toes 

on fresh green garden grass 

smelling peonies 

Soulful Love and Light


soulful love and light 

fills every breath of paint 

visceral delight 


Poem inspired by the beautiful paintings of Anne Pryor, LovitudeSoulPainting.

Quiet Time at Night

quiet time at night
husband and cat nearby
shelter from the storm

arm across my chest
protecting or possessing 
built-in bed heater



Soft Green and Mushy


soft green and mushy 

avocado spread on toast 

squeeze of lemon juice 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Green Moss Hug Stones



green moss hug stones 

white blossoms on apple tree 

birds fly to refuge  



dozens of birds chirp 

soothing sound of soft raindrops 

lushest green grass grows  



shine on, shine pink moon 

up in the sky, all will stare 

not ... clouded over 

Hands Are Full

  petrichor   heavy in the air   fills our hands