Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Bright Heavenly Light Warms My Heart


sunflower field
the bright heavenly light
warms my heart

Choked By Smoke



choked by smoke  

wings heavily weighed down  

butterflies struggle  

* * * * *


on the front porch  

windows get closed, too  

hot smoky days  

* * * * *


constricted indoors  

finding comfort in reading  

plant watering waits  

* * * * * 



new summer mem'ries  

delayed for many days  

sunflower quest lost 

* * * * *  

summer's weather  

unhealthy smoky air  

alone, indoors  


in every home  

windows have been shut  

poor air quality  

* * * * * 


 close the curtains  

fearful of smoky air  

a hazy sunrise  


Poems above are written referencing the smoke-filled air caused by fires in Canada blowing south and California and Dakota fires blowing east.  It was dangerously hazy, thick and we were cautioned to avoid being outside breathing in this hazardous air.  


Intuitive Feelings Proved True



where does it come from  

how is it we know the future  

that gut feeling  

* * * * *  

paint purple walls... green  

recovery room needed  

intuitive feeling  

* * * * * 


days of waiting  

watercolor painting  

until news arrived  

* * * * * 


"I knew it"  

I could feel something was about to happen  


Friday, July 30, 2021

Lightened By Love


rows of joy-filled friends  

their strength holds up each other  

-lightened by love 

These sunflowers look like strong warriors united together. As a breast cancer survivor and friend to others with health challenges, I know how much it means to have the strength and support of family and friends. Photo and poem are in honor of these warriors.  

Hands Are Full

  petrichor   heavy in the air   fills our hands