Sunday, May 21, 2017

Walk Into The Picture #7 - Bridal Wreath

Bridal Wreath, May 2017

Walk into the picture and enjoy all the delicacies of this floral arrangement.

I hope you treasure the fragile little bridal wreath stems.  They were trimmed today to make room for the peonies that were trying to grow below them in their shadow.  While I love the bridal wreath flowers I love the peonies more because they are so fragrant and colorful but have a short season.

Touch the tiny yellow buds and purple buds that are lovely accent colors that were picked specifically to add color to this floral arrangement.

Does that happen to you in your life?  Do you pick and choose and assemble things together so they'll be picture perfect, or at least a good fit?   Sit by this flower arrangement and remember a thing that has been sacrificed for a greater good.

Enjoy this moment of mindfulness.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Walk Into The Picture #6 Cookies, Coffee and Comfort

Cookies, Coffee and Comfort
Walk into the picture and look at the beautiful table setting.  Isn't it inviting?

What are you drawn to first?  Do you want to enjoy the fresh coffee?  Do you want to nibble on the fresh out of the oven cookies?  How about flipping through the pages of the books?  Or do you simply want to get comfortable in a chair close by and let your full senses take in the whole scene, the sights, the smells, the touch and yes, of course, eventually the taste?

I invite you to take it all in and make the selections as you wish.  

Enjoy this moment of mindfulness.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Still Life For Cats

Still Life for Cats, May 2017
While my cat Sallie was feeling ill this weekend I created this still life portrait. 

Note the two ceramic cats, water to drink, treats and cat books. 

BTW, she's at the vet hospital getting fluids and more. Remaining optimistic until proven otherwise!!!

In case you are interested, I am available for commissioned work to create a still life for your special person, animal or special occasion.  

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Walk Into The Picture #5

Sit, Sip and Smell,  May 2017
Walk into the picture and smell the lilacs.  They are so irresistible aren't they?  In the spring when the flowers are blooming and the air is sweet and fragrant it's almost impossible not to harvest the flowers in the yard, isn't it?

 If you examine closely you'll see three different types of lilacs that have subtle differences, one from the other. The bleeding hearts are always so delicate that you may be afraid to touch them, so be gentle.

Can you help us name the little yellow buds?  My husband thinks they're yarrow but the pictures I see on the web don't match with yarrow.  We've been gifted with them for the first time this year.  Don't know where they came from or how long they're staying but I love them.  And given the decision to pull them or let them flourish, I opted for let them be.

Look at the three books from which you can choose, "Still Life," "Poem A Day," and "Michelangelo's Notebook."   Choose the one that calls to you.  Or, bring your own book and help yourself to the chilled glass of white wine.  Pearls always make any occasion better, in my opinion. You can pass or play.

I invite you to find a comfortable spot to sit and sip and smell the flowers.  Enjoy this moment of mindfulness.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Walk Into The Picture #4

May 2005, Lilacs for My Mother
Spring Lilacs will always remind me of my mother, Eunice.  She had several wide and tall lilac bushes in our backyard, in an area called "the North 40" even though it wasn't in the north boundary of our yard.  I think it was just a farm term she or my father had heard at one time and liked the sound of it.

In the spring we always monitored the blooming cycle of the lilacs in the North 40.

So I invite you to walk into the picture of these lilacs.  Of course you have to smell the lilacs because there isn't a better smell in the spring time.  Touch the tiny petals and notice the graduated shade of the color purple.  Some will appear darker, some lighter if they're affected by the sunshine.  That morning eastern light gives it a beautiful glow.

The vase is very special, too, because it is a collectors item from the Red Wing Pottery Company from Red Wing, MN.  People that collect these, love them.

Lastly, the little table stand was actually crafted by my husband's late father, Carl whom I never met unfortunately because he passed on before we ever met.

What do you think of when you see this image?  Does it remind you of anyone? Or, are you simply a fan of spring lilacs also?

However it calls to you, look at the still life portrait but feel the love of someone else and call it by their name as you enjoy the sight and smell of these spring lilacs.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Walk Into the Picture #3

Just For You, May 2015 
Walk into the picture and feel the warm sunshine.  It's been a full day for you and this is your time.  Just for you, you've poured a glass of chilled white wine so you can decompress a bit.

Come closer and touch the fragile petals of the flowers.  Smell each bud and notice the different unique smells of each one.  Which flower is your favorite today?  Does that gerber daisy in the center call to you?  Just enjoy it for a few moments.  Don't think about anything else.

Pull up a chair in sun, if you wish, or just on the edge.  Put your feet up and take a break.

This is your moment of mindfulness.  Enjoy!

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