Friday, August 7, 2015

Duo Life: Business Professional and Photographer

7:02a.m. Business Professional Networking Meeting

Well, I said that my intention for the blog is to share my work/life balance challenges of being a full time business professional 8 - 5 Monday-Friday and photographer/artist on my personal time.  If I'm authentic to myself and you,  I best share that as well.

No whining.  No complaints (at least not often).  Just the facts ma'am.

This morning's work schedule started at 7:02a.m. at the Professional Sales Association, Minnesota  monthly gathering out at St. Louis Park, MN. They are one of the best organizations for sales reps, sales managers and marketing representatives and I am proud to be a member.

I was dressed to the nine's with my best business attire because I want my "brand" to be highly visible, professional, recognized, informative, helpful, friendly and looking my best.  I made lots of connections, talked to friends I know and  met some new ones.  My intention is to connect with prospects and existing customers of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.  That's the business gig.

Because I felt "safe" in this group, at the appropriate time, I went around to a small, select group of individuals and shared my art postcard to The Space Between The Words art exhibit.  I didn't approach anyone I didn't already know unless one of my friends encouraged the connection.

Fortunately, the invite was welcomed and people seemed interested in my artistic endeavors.  The remainder of the day was being the MSPBJ sales person and working to sell new subscriptions.

The careful balance for me, I think, is to be authentic to both my pursuits but always keep in mind the full time gig that pays the bills and provides fabulous benefits, especially health care benefits.  I am not delusional to think the artists' life is going to ever be my main income.

Your results may be different.

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