Monday, August 17, 2015

2:05 Video: How to Create a Still Life Portrait

You may be interested in how one can easily create a still life portrait.  This 2:05 video demonstration is while working at our cabin in northern Minnesota with the minimum of technology.

Some of the key things to think about are:
  • The angle and intensity of the sun
  • How you're going to control it and bounce it back into the subject
  • Backdrop material, hopefully without a lot of wrinkles  
  •     (I've never ironed so much since my mother made me do it.)
  • Needs of the flowers so they stay fresh looking
  • Angle of the table top the object is sitting on
  • Angle of the surface the camera is placed on
  • Angle of the camera to the subject
  • Reducing camera shake by setting a delayed release

Next time I'll bring up a few more tools. But really, it's all about how the light is directed on and around the subject and getting your angles straight. 


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