Thursday, May 13, 2021

5/12 Annual Mass Observation Day


 in honor of the U.K.'s Mass Observation Day 

A  Photo Poetry Daily Journal

mindful of haiku 

stroke of midnight starts the day 

Westminster clock chimes 


morning mindfulness 

"guru guru wahe guru" 

I AM The Light  


morning mindfulness 

rise as sun brightens the day 

follow garden scents 


stop enroute "up north" 

burdens lifted spirits high 

lockdown chains broken 


standing in wonder 

ocean blue sky, cotton ball clouds 

woodpecker pecks 



starts and ends the day 

exploring his world in and out 

creature of comfort 



Personalizing the UK's May 12th Mass Observation Day by keeping my own photopoetry record of the day. For more detail's see Amanda White's Conversation #85. 

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Hands Are Full

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