Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Yes, Karl actually said this as he tried out the new portable microphone system for our upcoming events during the exhibit The Space Between The Words at the Vine Arts Center www.vineartscenter.org.

Tomorrow evening is the regularly scheduled  Art Salon For Fertile Minds with the double bonus:
(1) a sneak preview of the art exhibit

(2) Art Salon Member Susan Gainen will facilitate "lightning speed Q&A of the artists" participating in the exhibit "The Space Between The Words" and invite the visiting guests to view the art, offer up their questions and be inspired into further discussions.
Why do you make art?
How did you make this/these pieces? (pick one or two)
Why did you make this/these pieces? (pick one or two)
What is your favorite art-making tool?

The grand opening is officially September 12th so early visitors get the first look and, if interested, first chance to purchase pieces that are for sale. More info at

Time will be allowed for the guests to ask questions as well so the new microphone will be well utilized tomorrow evening at the Art Salon For Fertile Minds.  www.artsalonforfertileminds.blogspot.com

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