Monday, September 29, 2014

Ceramics on Blue, Light & Shadow

Ceramics on Blue, #8649, September 2014  (available for purchase)

Blue, blue, blue.
I don't know exactly why I wanted this image to be so blue but typical black and white seemed so, typical.

The surrounding area was actually very green and I guess that made me go so far on the other side of the color spectrum. It was the brightest time of the morning when the sunrise light is the harshest but if I was shooting film, the film would have soaked up the light like a sponge.  Digital image capture isn't quite as loving but I've learned to love the harsh contrast and what photographers call "blown out highlights."  If we were shooting film, they wouldn't be blown out or, if I was bringing a suitcase of special filters I could tone it down. But I don't want to for this effect.  Got sun?  Love it!

All these ceramics  have been used for floral arrangements up at our cabin at one time or another, except maybe the one that is my husband Karl's ceramic wine glass.  Rarely used for drinking if I remember correctly.

Ahh, the painting with light and color in the glorious moments of sunrise.

It doesn't get much better than this (unless it was sunset.)

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