Friday, July 25, 2014

The Light. The Lens. The Love.

Still Life: The Light. The Lens. The Love. July 2014

The Light. The Lens. The Love.
Truly a labor of love to create this still life portrait.

We all have our challenges to create our art work. Yes. I believe it.

These roses were a gift from Anne P., a friend and a client. I loved them when they were freshly presented to me. But since that time they had been moved around several times and were no longer fresh when I finally had the time and the natural light available to create the still life.

As always, I experimented around with 10 different variations of light at sunset aka "the golden hour" and finally fell in love with this one.

I hope it is obvious that the lens theme spanned a variety of technological eras.
All of which I've lived with and loved at various times. Even my iPhone had to get in the picture because that is my image capture device now more often than it should be.  And I wanted to bring in my oldest camera because the camera, like the roses, were past their prime, but both still loved, nonetheless.

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