Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Birthday Words


finest chintz  

served at her birthday party  

tea and cake  



what words to say -  

birthday wishes while wars rage  

have a nice day  

treasure the moment or ...  

I love you dear friend  


bulbs grounded deep  

slowly reach for the sun  

coronas full of love  


songbirds sing their  

welcome to new neighbors  

travelers with kindness  


lady of the house  

brings the family together  

"let's dance"  


birthday gal  

full of kindness and joy  

her presence a present  


pearly white threads  

tie the families together  

curtained in love  


muse approaches  

before the sun rises  

whispers softly  


stacks of books  

pile up higher each day  

dust on the lampshade 


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Hands Are Full

  petrichor   heavy in the air   fills our hands