Sunday, April 30, 2017

Loving Me Some Roses

Loving Me Some Roses, April 2017 
I brought home this bouquet after visiting with a friend on a rainy Sunday morning.

Originally my intention was to gift the bouquet to her and keep it at her house but she said she'd be traveling during the week and wouldn't be able to enjoy it.  "Take it home," she insisted.

I felt sad that the flowers wouldn't have a new admirer but also happy that I could bring it home because I certainly would admire it.

Even though there still was no sunlight coming in through any windows I gave this a try because I couldn't leave it ignored.

I'm at the stage now that I must attend to my bouquets and give them my love and attention.  

Of course I know they're not humans, but they are in my care and I feel a connection to them, like a person when they're with me.

So I thought making a still life of them was a way to treasure the memory of our time together.

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