Sunday, April 30, 2017

Surprise on A Rainy Sunday

Surprise on A Rainy Sunday,  April 2017 

Life is full of surprises and Sunday was one of those days.

To brighten up a cloudy, rainy, April day I arrived at my friends' house with a vase filled with flowers to cheer us both up.

I was open to allowing for the time to collaborate on art exhibition ideas but also to surprise her with creating a still life portrait, if it seemed "right" during our time together.

Even though we both saw that there was no ray of sun light anywhere she was open to me rearranging her living room furniture so I could make this portrait, which I brightened up in post production.  When you've got rain, you've got to make your own rainbow of color.

But what surprised me is she asked me to create second still life portrait that would be a gift for her uncle who was recovering from a stroke.  She added a very personal item that she said was perfect for him. Simple. Elegant. Personal.

This is when my purpose feels deeper and meaningful.

I get to create what people want to give to someone who needs an art piece that is soulful and healing.
Thank you.

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