Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Art Exhibition Journey: Selling Art on Instagram

"Focus On Things You Love" shared on @wendywalks Instagram account

On my journey of being the art exhibit director for a group art show, I research ways to promote the Art Salon For Fertile Minds' upcoming exhibit: "The Space Between The Words." 

I found this article regarding
"How to Use Instagram to Invest in Art"

Actually I read  it, as I often do, with my own personal magnifying glass on it with the questions:
"How am I going to sell my art and make new customer connections on Instagram."
"How can we promote the upcoming group art show on Instagram."

My takeaway from the article was to do the following:
(1) I opened up my Instagram account alongside the article. I connected with every one of the galleries and artists mentioned.
(2) When Instagram offered up similar accounts of  galleries and individual artists I perused their offerings and reached out to most, but not all of them.
(3) Within hours several of them connected back to me and followed my Instagram feed.
It seemed like baby steps in the right direction.
(4) I will continue to research additional galleries and artists to "listen/watch" their activity and learn from their marketing tactics.
(5) Now, going forward, I intend to be more strategic about the images I share as well as the new contacts I connect with.  I'm going to do a little more research about the types of images that artists share and when they post prices and "how to purchase" instructions.

Wendy the life-long learner continues to learn.

*Focus on Things You Love
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