Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aribert Munzner's Painting Tools

Painter's Palette - August 2015

Last night I had the honor to visit the studio of renown artist, Aribert Munzner, life long painter, retired art professor from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), member of the Vine Arts Center and more recently, participant in the group art show "The Space Between The Words."

Just walking into his studio was a visual delight with a considerable number of large paintings 6' x 5' and countless smaller ones.  I found it easy to be drawn into the large ones that felt  like you're going into outer space or even into a storybook land.

It suddenly strikes  me now that someone could write a sci-fi version of Alice In Wonderland with the main character(s) walking into Aribert's painting that landed you on a planet in outer space. I'll have to mention it to him when I see him next.

Back to the studio; I love documenting artists tools, especially their painters palette.  To me, the above image resembles fish swimming in a very colorful body of water. When I showed the image I create to Aribert, he was delighted and shocked that something he passed by everyday could, on it's own, because a work of art. I must admit, I  love it when he's happy and admiring my creativity.

Approximately two years I visited Aribert's studio and created my very first "painters' palette" image from his tools. I didn't realize it at the time but it became the first of a repetitive photographic theme that I create whenever the opportunity arises.

Painters' Tools - August 2015

This photograph didn't want to be left behind because it wanted to show off Aribert's brushes and jars with a kiss of a digital manipulation for artistic effect.  Again, my attraction to artists' tools.

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