Monday, October 27, 2014

Two For The Road

Two For The Road, Oct. 25, 2014


Two cameras were wanted, film and digital.
Two hats, one for him and one for her.
Two cups of coffee for the two hour drive, his black and hers white
Two pairs of mobile devices, large and small, new and old. 
Tools or toys? 
Either way road trip necessities now.
Bags of groceries for her short-order style of weekend meal preparations.
Two canvas bags of handyman tools, all his, for Sunday's seasonal chores.
Four books of poetry because she wanted, no, needed her favorite poets on either side of her 
as she birthed a new poem that her friend Doug said needed to come out.  
And lastly, a blank journal and red pen to record the poem in all its messy variations.
These twosomes and more were wanted for their October road trip "up north."
For this was to be their last two glorious, end of the season fall days together 
at their Place In the Pines!

And so it was!

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