Friday, October 10, 2014

Last Door Standing In the Wood

Red Door, October 10, 2014

Ahhh. The Red Door, how did I love thee let me count the ways.
Karl relocated the door from a friend's property in Trade River, Wisconsin fifteen years ago and installed it in the back woods at the cabin.

It has always been the doorway to the woods and countless friends have been photographed with their hand on the door knob with the question always "Are you going in the forest or out of the forest?"

It has suffered through the hottest summer days, strongest winds and deepest snow storms.

Two days after it received a fresh coat of red paint it fell over for the last time.
The impact of the heavy, wet wood pushed it apart at all the seams.
I loved it.

Next spring when I look out to that spot I'll imagine it still there.
I'll remember all the friends who have put their hand on the door knob and walked on.

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