Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Second Year - First Day of Radiation


first radiation
repeat performance
two patients  

stand at the same door  

weeks apart  


hands held  

in their imagination  

-a fifty-year bond  


first day of sixteen  

on the journey to be  

cancer free  



the seasoned patient

deja vu  


techs' welcome  

machines move ... buzz ... hum  

red light beams shine  


exposed breast  

gets radiation ... then  

pink skin  


finished in minutes  

everyone's all smiles  

goodbye ... til tomorrow  


survivors support  

given and received  

stay strong  

* * * * *  

Thanks for your concern:  

it's "only" radiation treatments, not chemotherapy.

Encore procedure, just like last year.  

Thank heavens for 3-D Mammograms that detect super small tumors  


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