Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Hands Around The World

As an active participant of THE DAILY HAIKU, a global haiku poetry group on Facebook, we are invited to create poems based on a prompt.  When the suggestion of "friendship" came up I burst like a volcano with a dozen poems. Here is a sample:
hands around the world 
typing heartfelt stories that 
touch each other's hearts 
poets who write from the soul 
listen with their hearts 
share seasons of life 
poems spring up tears 
share our lives 
kind harbingers of  
stories, seasons, joys, sorrows 
light in the darkness 
here or gone they touch 
our lives, fill our hearts with love 
our cup runneth over 
                                                            friends, so far apart 
traveling within, removes miles 
and I am with you 
waves come crashing up 
stirring thoughts of friends seaside 
standing together 
there is a path 
that waits for all haiku guests 
footsteps in the snow 

sound of giggles gasps  
and groans as we read and write  

haiku from new friends  


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