Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sighs and Sadness

Sighs and Sadness 2017
Walk into the picture and hold on to your heart. Feel whatever it is you're feeling today. Some days it's hard to think in vibrant colors and bright harsh light so the soft lighting and muted blacks and whites tells the story better of what you're experiencing. Breathe in the smell of the flowers. Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale.

When you're ready, touch the big beautiful peonies and the tiny lilacs. Accept them for where they are in their life journey.  We love them when they're young, fresh buds and even while they're aging and turning brown around the edges.  But it hurts a little when we see them at their final stage.

Flowers are small players in the big picture of life but they experience the same cycle we go through. Hopefully, they can give us some comfort when we feel comfortless.

Sometimes it can all be so overwhelming. To hear of friends who are losing their deeply treasured love ones, humans as well as pets, is heart wrenching.  To see on screens the devastation of war and terrorism is staggering and can make us feel powerless.  Each have their own piercing pain that ebbs and flows, highs and lows.

The dread of future pain that is inevitably coming at some undetermined time can take your breath away.  So today, now, take big deep breaths and let it fill you up and give you strength.  

Know that this may be a time of sighs and sadness that no one can do anything about.  Be with it but also find gratitude in the love that you've been blessed with in the past and every second that you can feel joy in the present.

Some days I wish 
I could go back in life,
not to change things,
just to feel a few things twice.

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