Friday, May 5, 2017

Walk Into The Picture #2

From My Garden, May 5, 2016
Walk Into The Picture and you'll want to smell the freshly cut lilacs and touch the fragile, delicate petals of the bleeding heart plant that grows in our  urban garden in Minneapolis, MN.

You will doubt me and say you don't believe it when I tell you that the sheer veil is my actual wedding veil from 9/6/99. I use it almost every time I'm photographing at my home studio because it allows me to diffuse the intensity of the strong western light that we get on bright sunny afternoons.

You'll wonder how old the silver tray is and the story behind the acquisition of the silver urn.

I imagine you'll love the still life and want to sit down next to it with a glass of champagne or possibly fresh tea and biscuits.  Early in the morning you could look at it while stretching, doing yoga or writing in your journal.

Enjoy this moment of mindfulness with the flowers from my garden.

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