Friday, September 27, 2013

Floral Portrait #1, 2004

Another exciting journey begins on the world wide web.  Have you heard about The Art Stack?  A new social media site to view the classic "master" photographers, painters, sculpturist and endless more.

My husband, Karl, appears to be all excited about it.  Is it the next shiny object, or something that may have some longevity?  The founders are following 30,000 artists so how much attention does any one artist get, or need.  That's an interesting question all by itself.  How much attention does any one artist need? I'll think on that one later.

But since Karl is generously encouraging me and my photography series I should give it a try. He just started uploading a couple of my Floral Portraits so I might as well get on board, too.  However, being the eternal businesswoman and entrepreneur and taskmaster, I'm going to upload the photos here as well because this is my blog and I have some control over what I have here and where it's going. So, drumroll please....
Floral Portrait #1, 2004, B&W HandColored
Thank you Rebecca Pavlenko for the hand coloring weekend workshop I took from you "back in the day."

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